New Dual Enrollment Class at AHS Covers Global Sciences

Lauren Dempsey, Editor in Chief


Next year, Arlington will be offering a new Dual Enrollment class, Family and Global Sciences, which will allow seniors to Take another general education credit class,  prior going to college. The class will be taught by Crystal Uhiren, the current Human and Social Sciences teacher. Any senior will be allowed to take the course as long as they have scored a 19 on the ACT, since it is a Dual Enrollment course.

I am excited to teach the material that is going to be discussed in the course and go more in depth with the material. ”

— Crystal Uhiren

The class will be taken through the University of Memphis and will focus on families from a global perspective. One student interested in taking the course stated, “I am excited to be able to take the class while knocking off a Gen-Ed for college.”

 The class is a semester class and will allow you to get 3 hours of college credit. If you are a student at Arlington High School interested in taking this class, please see Mrs. Uhiren in Room 301.