Key Club at AHS Collects Jeans for Teens


Hannah Luu, Instagram Manager

The Key Club at Arlington High School is a club based on serving the community. The Key Club sponsored an event called “Jeans for Teens”. The nationwide initiative by the popular clothing store Aeropostale urges customers to collect gently used blue jeans to donate to homeless and underprivileged teens. This year, the club raised 125 pairs of gently used jeans.

Kaitlyn Bruce, a senior at Arlington High School, was the driving force behind getting the initative started at Arlington High School. “I work at Aeropostale and we ask customers if they have any jeans they would like to donate. So I figured I could ask the Key Club to help spread the event and get more donations,” says Kaitlyn.

Aeropostale’s goal was to raise 10,000 pairs of jeans from all over the nation. Memphis also has a high rate of homeless and underprivileged teens who need clothes. If you have gently used jeans that you would like to donate, contact [email protected]