Coronavirus hits Shelby County

Adam Hughes

The hot topic both around the world and Arlington High School,  is COVID-19, also known as the “Coronavirus.” The symptoms of the virus can be compared to the seasonal flu. Sources say the virus  originated in animals and is not normal for it to now be affecting humans.

According to Worldometers¹,  the virus has infected 116,000 people worldwide and death toll is currently at 4,091. As of this writing, the United States alone has 729 confirmed cases of COVID-19, attributing to 27 total deaths thus far. Four cases of the virus have been confirmed in the state of Tennessee as of Tuesday, March 10th. With one case confirmed recently in Shelby County, many residents of the city and surrounding areas have begun panicking.

Many of those in the area that are concerned are parents of school-aged children.   While many news outlets are treating virus like a pandemic; however, it is not yet as serious at the media has made it.

We all just need to leave a little bit more room for Jesus is all.  ”

— Casey Nelson

Casey Nelson, a Chemistry Teacher at Arlington High School, says, “some precautions you can take would be don’t hug a lot, don’t shake a lot of hands, you know, maybe stay with the fist bumps. That’s it. Socially, it just creates a little bit more awkwardness because people like me, who are huggers and hand shakers, are now having to give people the elbow [as a hello].”

As a result of COVID-19 reaching Memphis, Arlington Community Schools released a new statement regarding attendance policy as it relates to exam exemptions. The article stated, “We don’t want students to risk their health or the health of others.” It went on to state, “we’ve decided to suspend the exemption rule to remove any barriers that may prevent students from staying home when sick.” What this means for Arlington High School students is that they can be exempt from some classes’ Semester Exams as long as they do not have any unexcused absences.


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