Women’s History Month

In 1987, congress declared March Women’s History Month. Why is this important?

“This is so important!” states Emma Swain, a student at Arlington High School, “Women have gone through so much from wanting equal rights, voting rights, etc so I think it was important we got a month for us.”

Women’s history was established for recognizing the dignity and accomplishments of women in our own families and those from other backgrounds leads to higher self-esteem among girls and greater respect among boys and men.

“Girls will grow up learning about the accomplishments the women before us have achieved and he achievements our generation did and is making,” says Emma.

Not only does the United States have Women’s History Month but also Canada in October.

Here at Arlington High School, the Women’s Equality Club is striving to provide care for women. For example, in Room 217, you can bring by period products for women. You can earn service hours just by bringing in products. One product can go a long way.

If you’re interested in joining the Women’s Equality Club in the future stop by Mrs. Jones in Room 217 and stop by the library to take a look at some awesome books by extraordinary women.