Instagram makes sweeping changes to platform

Sophie Childers, Media Director

Why is Instagram hiding likes?

Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced a few months ago that they will be hiding the likes on post at the WIRED25 conference. The Instagram board claims this will make us “happier in the end”. Arlington Junior Adia Cain says “Many young people are obsessed over how many likes they get on a picture and will take a picture down if they don’t get the likes they wanted”.

Arlington Freshman Alli Moutrie says “I can see how say social media was created for the good, and to help you stay in contact with you might not see everyday. Instead some people use it for social approval and having more and more likes on a post could make you higher on the social status ladder”.

Arlington Junior student Chandler Dunn says “Personally I do not like this update because it was meant for young people to not focus on likes as much but instead it’s not helping at all now I have to search through all the pictures to see if a certain person saw this photo”.

Instagram CEO announced that Instagram doesn’t plan on keeping this forever they just plan on getting feedback on the experiment.

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