Arlington High School vs. COVID-19


Justin Cole, Staff

With the corona virus still a present threat there have been a lot of limitations in school activities. Activities such as football games and clubs have been limited in ways that prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, Arlington High School isn’t backing down against the Corona Virus and have been able to begin to continue activities in and outside of school while still being cautious of the Corona Viruses deadliness.

Activities in JROTC such as color guard has continued. Color guard is an extra to the JROTC course that requires the students to be very close together and march in perfect sync. This activity would be most likely to be discontinued until further notice, but Arlington is allowing to keep it going with safety rules implemented. Other activities such as sports, particularly Football, also haven’t been shut down. In fact, a recent update was announced that allowed 50 seniors to sit at the game in a roped off section. Of course, because of Corona Virus concerns students may not sit next to each other so it does bring a little fun out of the experience.

Overall, the corona virus probably has most of us down as we have little range of things to do. However, for the time being Arlington is keeping students active while also fighting COVID-19. Hopefully, under these circumstances COVID-19 will soon be gone.