COVID taking over Arlington lacrosse

Mason Golden, Sports journalist

Lacrosse at Arlington High School really hasn’t changed much. Although in addition to registering with the  US lacrosse organization we do have to get a sheet signed by our parents say that we are of good health at the time of signing and if we get sick we will not come to practice. We are required to set our bags and equipment 6 feet apart. We have a lot less contact during practice. We are hoping that come time for actual games in spring time we will be able to play and practice as normal. In addition to Covid changing the way we practice we did get a new offensive coach Kevin Swift. He served on the navy and is now in the navy reserves. Kevin has been playing lacrosse since he was six years old in Maryland and played at both the  high school and college levels as a midfielder. He decided to move to Arlington a few years ago and asked our head coach Jared Colman if he could come out and help coach.