Arlington JROTC 2020


Justin Cole, Staff

JROTC, or Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, is a program that was recently implemented into Arlington High School in 2019. JROTC consists of classroom and hands on experiences. Cadets learn things such as how to face and march in formation, wear uniforms correctly, and conduct physical training. Cadets also have access to extra curricular activities that take place after school such as color guard and drill team. A lot of these activities require Cadets to be in close quarters with each other. With Covid-19 still a present threat could there be a dilema in the advancement of the second year of Arlington JROTC?

Corona Virus, as expected, has put limitations on how JROTC progresses. Major Newbill, the instructor for the course, says that so far the new Cadets are enjoying the class, but there are limits to the full experience. So far only individual facing movements have been practiced and until the virus is gone no marching can be coordinated. Physical Training, or PT, has also not been practiced yet, “No physical training has been conducted as of today. With limited time available one-on-one we are focused more on the academics portion with hope of starting labs in January,” as said by Major Newbill. A lot of the new Cadets are disappointed in the class as there is a want to move around but the virus’ regulations prevent it.

Although, in school class has been greatly affected it seems that the out of school activities are still going strong. Color Guard practice just began last week and follow the same guidelines as athletic clubs. Marksmanship and Drill Team, more advancements in JROTC, are also on the way. According to Major Newbill, all three should be up and running soon.

Covid-19 has had a great affect on many activities and classes, so it is great to see that there are still plans for the future regarding the class of JROTC.