How The Girls Arlington Lacrosse Team is Working Around Covid


Laci Hitchcock, TikTok Manager

The girls Arlington Lacrosse Team works around Covid to still be able to practice. I talked to some of the lacrosse players to see how they are still working hard during this time. According to Rachel Jensen

“It has been hard having to practice while socially distancing. It makes a lot of our drills difficult to do.””

— Rachel Jensen

With having to social distance, scrimmaging and playing lacrosse has become difficult for many of the players. Many of the girls said they come to practice early to get more work done.

I talked to Nur Hamada who is planning on playing lacrosse in college and how she is working to keep her skills and improve. “I am getting to practice early and staying late so I can better improve in playing. I am keeping in touch with college coaches so they are able to see and hear about my progress.” “It has definitely been difficult to practice with Covid happening, but we work around it and are still able to play the sport we all love.”

These girls are still working hard during this time and are hopping for a full season ahead of them. They are staying socially distanced while practicing, allowing them to continue playing. The girls are pushing themselves to work hard and improve their skills during the off season.