Film and Video durning COVID-19


Lainie Childers

Covid has taken a huge toll on just about everything. One aspect that Covid has affected greatly affected is film and video. After speaking to many high school students it’s easy to recognize a pattern in their perceptions.


When asked, whether or not the students think that Covid has positively or negatively affected film and video. Mckinley Pounders responded “I think it has had a positive impact because it had caused people to become more creative considering how the pandemic limits what you can do.” Although covid can make everything 10 times more difficult students are getting working through the obstacles and growing from it. When asked Adia Cain weather or weather not COVID-19 has personally effected her first year in film making she responded with: “ This year has especially effected my trying to get the hang of film and video. This was my first year in film in video and COVID-19 definitely made it a challenge trying to catchup with everyone else.”

I believe COVID-19 has positively effected film and video.

— McKinley pounders

Although students may think covid has helped widen there skill level it definitely is still a challenge. Ponders states “If I where to have the opportunity to go back to the way things used to be I 100% would. Although this has overall taught me to be a better filmmaker and taught me to overcome obstacles. I would love to go back to the way things used to be.” During the. Pandemic students were taught to work with the obstacles they had.