The Effects Of Covid-19 On ATV Production


Joseph Carrico, Editor in Chief

During the time of the pandemic a lot of things have changed. Not only has the school scheduled changed, but our ATV class at Arlington High School changed with it. As Faith Bell stated, “Covid has definitely made ATV a struggle, considering most of the work we do is hands on.” The new Hybrid schedule is causing, ” Producing  a show to be on a time crunch because we only have two days a week to edit and actually produce the show.” Another ATV student by the name of Eli stated that,” Last year we had a lot more fun considering we could be in close proximity and work together as a team to get the show done.” He continued to say that,” We now have to wear mask while we film and stand six feet apart which makes the content look very awkward.” After producing a couple of shows with the new rules, Faith said that,” The ATV shows are more monotone and the anchors and reporters have mask on so it makes it harder to hear them or get the attention of the viewers.” The biggest struggle Eli said he had to over come was,” We aren’t allowed to leave campus anymore to film due to the new rules so it makes our variety of content very low.” Even through all the struggles and hardships of our new ATV class rules, the students still try their best to put on the best show that they can for Arlington High School.