Navy News Article


Leanna Henson, Journalist

            Navy Veteran William Scott Henson talks about his experience in the Navy branch of the military. He says the reason he joined the Navy was because there was very few job opportunities in his town and he wanted to join the military. Henson was in the Navy branch for 6 years since he was in his 20s.


William Scott Henson said that he traveled the world 3 and ½ times. During this time, he had a daily routine that was put into play. He said that, “There was daily rotation of cleaning the deck, organizing the ship, and other things. Some days were changed because of drills.” He goes on to discuss that his favorite place he visited was Greece because of the people and food. He stated that, “Seeing the different cultures and people was unforgettable.” He had also visited unique places such as Tokyo, Jerusalem, France and etc.


Henson explains all of the benefits that come with being in the Navy. He noted the benefits are that, “College is paid for, if you work 20-30 years and retire with pay check every month, health-care benefits and you are able to apply for government jobs.


Also, the job opportunities in the Navy for civilians, Henson says, are, “Purchasing, supply and logistics, health system specialist, physical therapy assistant, financial technician, nurse, engineering and others.”