Senior Spotlight: Morgan Linsy


Chello Gardner, Journalist

Seniors all across the world are no doubtingly having a different senior year than they could’ve ever imagined. The class of 2021 got to spend their year on Zoom school and all masked up, but through all the termoil they still were able to adapt and push through the year together. Now it is time that we take a moment to lift up some of our  brave seniors. Morgan Linsy has been a very active student here at Arlington. She has participated in many sports and clubs like Track, National Honors Society, and Beta Club. Her favorite subject is science because she gets to learn how things grow and evolve into something beautiful. With Morgan being very active in her community, helping others is something that is very important to her. She has decided that after high school she wants to go to college and then continue on to medical school to become a doctor. Even through it all Morgan has still found a way to make the most of her senior year by listening to one of her favorite songs “God Speed” by Frank Ocean on her morning commute to school. “My favorite memory of high school would have to be my last football game because I got to spend it with my best friend and our friendship is one that I know will last a lifetime.” Trying to stay motivated and focused for college has been really hard for her this year, but she says that by surrounding herself with people who encourage her to stay on the right path has helped her get through it all. Senior year has been both hard and emotional for everyone but one administrator has really helped Morgan get through it all, “Ms. Certion has taught me how to not always get so lost in my school work and to take a little time to enjoy the little things in life.” Morgan wants to remind the class of 2022 to work hard and whether you see it or not it will be worth I later on down the road.

…work hard now because whether or not you see it or not later on down the road it will all be worth it.”

— Morgan Linsy