Cade Craft


Maggie Earnest, Journalist

Cade is a senior at Arlington High School who enjoys filming, building communites, and leading people. He started out his school years at home until around fifth grade when he started at Trinity Christian Academy. Cade attended school there for two years, then went back home for another year of homeschool. After that he then started at Arlington middle his eight grade year and since then he has attended Arlington schools. Cade says the things that changed most about him through the years what how socially inclined he became, aswell as becoming more self aware. When asked about what advice he has for students on taking the ACT he says “I got a solid 20. I recommend whenever you take it, you make sure you are well rested so that you can put all your focus into the test itself.” Cade plans to attend South West for two years, then let fate decide the rest. He also added “Well, my favorite high school memory has to be that time me and Maggie left school in film class to get my backpack, it was a fun time.” Cade suggests that younger students should just have fun with highschool and just worry about passing classes.

High school is mostly about developing yourself socially and gaining life experiences while in a safe environment.”

— Cade Craft

Cade also adds that throughout his entire high school years his favorite teacher is Mrs. Roberts, who has been his film teacher for the past couple of years. He says that the reason she has earned the title of favorite teacher is because of the respect she gives her students and how she views all of her students as people who are capable of figuring things out for themselves.