Senior Spotlight!- Abbey Glover

Bailey Daugherty, Journalist

Abbey Glover in a Senior at Arlington High School and currently is enrolled in the Arlington Online program. She has gone to school in Arlington since she was in Kindergarten and is super excited to graduate with her classmates in may. High school is full of super fun memories that you’ll cherish forever. “ My favorite memory of High school was going to football games and dressing up for each theme,” says Glover.


Graduation is a very exciting time for a senior but can also be very bittersweet. For the past 4 years of your life you have grown and changed into who you are now because of the experiences you had in high school. “ I think what I will miss most is being with my friends during the day all the time. I will miss being able to sit in their car in the mornings before school and catching up on life,” says Abbey.


Another thing that comes with being a senior is Senoritis. “ I haven’t handled senoritis very well at all. I am super ready to graduate,” Abbey says. You are on your last stretch of your final semester of high school which you have been working towards for awhile. Abbey also gave some younger classman some advice for the future. “ My advise to you is enjoy every football game, every party, and every event with your friends because it goes by so so fast.”