senior spotlight: Eder Ramos

Kendall Taylor, staff

Eder Ramos has been attending Arlington High School since freshman year. The past few years have gone by great but also pretty fast! “

I wish I knew to enjoy every month because the next thing you know is that you are a senior and just about ready to go to college.”

— Eder Ramos

” Some advice he gives to the seniors in the upcoming year is to just have fun and do the best you can!

Some things Eder is looking forwards to is the upcoming soccer season this year. “ I have been on the varsity soccer team since freshman year and I am looking forwards to playing against some really good teams and just having fun.” Soccer was also his favorite part about high-school. “Soccer has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I just like playing with my friends and hopefully going onto winning a trophy with them!”

“ I think I will miss high-school. I liked being with friends at school and especially being able to play on the high-school soccer team for so long. That is what I will miss the most.”