History of Blue Crew


Courtesy of AHS Blue Crew

Blake Beverage, Editor in Chief

From the start of Arlington Community Schools, Arlington’s sports teams have always been supported by students passionate about their team and school. This group of students, called themselves the blue crew, and ever since their humble beginnings, their tradition has lived on.

We’re really good fans out here in Arlington, and Blue Crew at its peak was run by the late Mr. MacBride and he ran the show and just put the right people in charge to get the the most spirit, the most fun, and the most intensity out of the fans. Mr. McBride, he’s just awesome. And the best leader, the best. The best sponsor for sure.”

— Hayden Edwards


The legendary, late, great, Mr. Mcbride is what truly elevated the blue crew to the status of a spirited, student section. Devotedly, supporting the football team, Mr. McBride lead the students to continue with their plan for a pink-out during the middle of a monsoon, staying through two rain delays, to watch the dogfight out in the mud. From hilarious themes, to allowing students the freedom to do crazy things, the legacy left behind by Mr. Mrcbride, has imbued the leaders of blue crew today with a sense of tradition and a mantle for the students to live up to. 

 After not being able to attend the majority of games last year, the present team is looking to change things up. Speaking to the new sponsor of the blue crew, Mr. Hayden Edwards, who is a new member of the faculty of Arlington, is excited for what the blue crew will get to accomplish this year. Reeling from the pandemic, Mr. Edwards is thrilled for students to be able to come back and support the teams, “ After last year with COVID, they didn’t get to show the spirit, they didn’t get to love on the team. And so for me, it’s kind of just like, trying to give everyone the platform that they deserve to have the most fun and to enjoy sports at the high school.”

Coming off of this past year, this blue crew has some surprises in store to hype up the students and players alike. Starting off strong, the blue crew began a new tradition of tailgating, coating themselves in paint, and gearing up for the game. Thankfully, the legacy of the Arlington High School blue crew has lived up to its predecessors, and will continue supporting Arlington sports programs.