Arlington High School’s Film Program 2021 & Beyond


Arlington High school’s film program offers a wide range of classes for media arts students to enroll in. They have something really interesting, a system that are called “Tracks” which is where students decide what they want to specialize in. Do you want to specialize in TV? Do you want to specialize in film? Or do you want to specialize in digital media and field production? Students can take specific classes that are just tailored purely to that. And what’s also exciting about that is students can take any of those tracks mix and match them. Students have the option to take all three of those classes and be on all three tracks if you want.

The majority of the classes here are hands-on and project-based so they might not always have some of the more traditional work you find in other classes but there is a lot of group work and a lot of people actually making projects from inception and that’s kind of how the classes are arranged and as for teachers here they all have different styles and kind of work in their own way into accommodating that and we each have our own way of approaching it the amount of students enrolled in the film program here is in the vicinity of 400 students. Each teacher has approximately 100 students.

Something that’s brand new that will be offered next year is sports media production. And so right now, a lot of the burden for TV prep. The prep work is on the TV production class. Since live streaming has become such a major element. it will give us a chance to prepare more for the games, like having packages ready for the games and having more produced live streaming games. And so we’re really excited about that class. The other big change that will be happening next year is that currently, Arlington offers intro to film and video, so we’re actually going to have two different intro classes next year, there’s going to be an intro to film analysis, and intro to media production. So freshmen coming in will now have the choice do what they want to do; a year of analyzing film making some projects getting your feet wet into the study of film? Or maybe they want to move right into project making on day one. This will allow freshmen to do is take advanced level courses starting their sophomore year, like the advanced film or TV production or digital journalism. And then hopefully what that will do also is just free up their schedule more, so they can take more of these classes as well.

In order to get a new course approved, it’s a it’s a lengthy process, and teachers have to start very early. They started working on the Sports Media Production class last year, to make it for not this school year, but next school year. While there is a lot of work planning on the front end, teachers have to map out the whole class, and then also express why there’s a need for it as well. But what what needed the most is student interest. And so with sports media production there is definitely a lot of students are interested in taking that.

Arlington debatably has the best media arts program in the state, and it has only been getting stronger and better. Other school in Tennessee, may only have four theatre arts classes level 1,2,3, and 4, we have something really interesting here we have what are called tracks where you kind of decide what do you want to specialize in? There’s really no one in the state that’s doing the kind of work that Arlington is doing with the live streaming. Streaming all of our sporting events, taping some of our other things that go on here, like school plays and other things like that. It’s really unique. One of the interesting things about this area of study is its ever changing. Arlington High Schools film program offers a wide variety of classes ranging from TV, film, digital media, filed production, and it is still expanding giving students the absolute best quality of education and experience in the state.