Digital Journalism: What it Is

Crystal Coleman, TikTok Manager

Digital journalism is not very well recognized by the kids at Arlington High School, but to the students in it, it is the most interesting class on their schedule. The students in this class run the school’s website and all of its social media. They are responsible for publicizing the school in a way that shows off all of ACS and its community. DiJo student Brooklyn Criswell says, “ I’m the Instagram Manager for the social media and I love it, being able to run an account seen by so many different people is such a great opportunity to expose myself to the journalism community. I always look forward to this class everyday and always ready to work on my projects.”

Along with running social media accounts, the class also creates documentaries about the Arlington community. They cover stories about new and old businesses, asking owners and managers how they like to run things and learning about the workspaces in general. They film interviews and document them into short videos for the website. “It’s very interesting learning more about the Arlington Community and being able to document it and show everyone.”

DiJo is a very exciting class for its students and it gives them a great opportunity to learn about the journalism community. The kids spread the word about the class so other students are starting to be interested. Ms. Roberts teaches this class, so if you’re interested let her know AHS students!