Ricky Rush


Ariya Johnson, Assistant Editor in Chief

Ricky Rush
Ariya Johnson

“My name is Ricky Rush and I own Arlington Motors.”
“I’ve been living in Arlington Tennessee for about 18 years. once I came down here I started buying land which caused me to buy up a lot which is now my business Arlington Motors. I would have never though this was something I would be doing but it just you can say “fell on my lap”. I’ve been running my business for the past 14 years and is been tough, you have your ups and downs which is part of live. I’ am proud t say I’m running a successful business, which a lot of people have a hard time running a business for five years. all I have to say is when I have been running a business for 14 years I can’t complain.”

“I’m extremely blessed for family grateful for coworkers and thankful for all my loving customers.””

— Ricky Rush