Local Tanning Salon Focuses on Family Growth


Ava Douglas, Journalist

In 2022, many people in Arlington are moving from national chain to local businesses. Tropical Tans is a family owned, local business here in Arlington, TN since 2006. It is owned by Brad Holley and managed by Abby Holley. Abby has managed Tropical Tans for about 3 years now, after her sister stopped managing. She says, “I love working here and keeping the family business alive.” Abby is a freshman at The University of Memphis and is majoring in Business Management so she thought this would help her career later on. As Abby may get stressed while working two jobs, she mentions how she wouldn’t want it any other way.

   Abby loves helping her family and loves seeing the locals everyday when she works. Within this job, she has learned a lot about the town and the people in it. As great as meeting new people is, the money is another awesome part about it too. Abby mentions that this place is a great way for high schoolers to make some additional income. She states, “I recommend this job to high school students because you will have time to sit and do homework while waiting at the front desk for customers.” 

Tropical Tans is located off of highway 70 in Arlington, TN. Go check it out!