Featuring: Sports Media Production

Featuring: Sports Media Production

Ethan Dunlap, Assistant to the Editor in Chief

In January of 2018 the TigerLife livestreams were just starting out, and instantly people loved it. Now these livestreams are on a college-level production, and the love for the livestreams have brought about their own class. The Sports Media Production class will be focused on providing high quality livestreams, creating hype videos, writing sports articles, and running a sports social media page. TigerLife launched its very first livestream, only equipped with minimal equipment and student iPads, determination and passion made it all work and paved the road for a long and amazing journey with improving upon not only the quality of the livestreams but the experienced learned from it as well.

With more and more students taking part in producing the livestreams watched by hundreds and thousands of people, livestreams at Arlington High School have been given a higher budget to improve their equipment and techniques, because of this, more time and effort has been poured into the preparation for the livestreams. Also because livestreams are 100% student produced; prepping for many of the sports games takes up a lot of time that students typically don’t have due to balancing other classes in school. It takes on average two weeks to properly prepare for a livestream as a result students may have to use their own time to prepare, so by making a class based around the livestreams, it becomes a possibility to have students work collaboratively with all the different members of the crew to come up with ideas and to be able to work through what they want to do and make it happen. This makes it to where students who don’t have the time after school to spend time doing this can now do these things and spend class time to make top quality streams.

Sports Media Production will of course focus on the livestreams but also be putting attention to social media, hype videos, and potentially other events besides sports. Livestreaming has had a massive influence on the Media Arts program here at Arlington, it has allowed students to get a better and more in depth first hand experience of work behind putting together and running a production like livestreaming but also all the equipment used. Sports Media Production will only improve the experience students gain from Arlington’s Media Arts program.

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