It’s a wRAPP


Brooklyn Criswell, Social Media Manager

It’s a wRAPP is a new restaurant located in Arlington TN. It is owned by Gary Rapp and opened April 11th, 2022. Gary decided to open It’s a wRAPP to have a new kind of food option in Arlington. He states, “There’s not many food options around this area and i felt like we needed to add a new type of menu to Arlington.”

When they first started to build It’s a wRAPP, it started off rough. Gary started 3 years ago, but then covid hit. It affected the restaurant being built and being ready on time. Once places were able to open again they started right back up to get the new restaurant open. “It took time, we thought we had found a place, but it ended up having problems, so it took longer to find a new place. Once we found the building we are located at now, it all worked out.” -Gary Rapp, Owner. “We knew right away we wanted to open up a restaurant that sales wraps, but we weren’t for sure what to call it. We wanted the restaurant to have a unique name. My last name is Rapp, so we decided to call the restaurant It’s a wRAPP, but have my last name put into the title. – Gary Rapp, Owner.

It’s a wRAPP is a perfectly place for high schoolers to make additional income and learn about the food industry. It’s a wRAPP is the newest food addition to Arlington.