Behind The Camera : TigerLife Seniors


Ethan Dunlap, Assistant to the Editor in Chief

Seniors; Roman Cleary, Ethan Dunlap, Madison Hughes, and Deena Tiggs are all long time students of TigerLife Media reflect back on their High School careers and discuss their favorite memories as film students. and what it takes to be a representative of the award winning media arts program at Arlington High School.

“With TigerLife being a student led program, we are the ones responsible for what everyone sees, so if it isn’t a certain quality then we are the ones who need to maintain that standard and constantly improve it.” ”

— Deanna Tigs.


From livestreams, documentaries, short films, news segments, social media posts, quality news stories, television production, and creative projects, Arlington High School’s TigerLife Media offers so much to its students enrolled in all things Media Arts and these seniors discuss all they have taken away from their years involved in TigerLife. They talk about the time and dedication that goes into representing not just the TigerLife department, but the school. ┬áStudents in the Media Arts program are the ones featuring AHSTigerLife on YouTube and social medias. They are the ones responsible for putting out Arlington’s name.


“The best thing about taking these kind of classes is that they give us skills we an use in the real word, like communication, we have to talk to each other when we need things done so that also gives us time management skills that way we can make sure everything is going along smoothly.” ”

— Madison Hughes