Arlington High’s new Principal Shannon Abraham ready for the challenge


Brooke Cardwell, Journalist

From leading 800 students and 60 Faculty at Bartlett’s 9th Grade Academy, to now leading 2,400 students and over 150 Faculty here at Arlington High School, Mr. Shannon Abraham becomes the new principal here at Arlington High School.

Principal Abraham challenges himself as an educator to be in a constant state of reflection, “I plan to make adjustments to help students reach their goals. Every group of students are slightly different and you have to adjust in order to meet each cohort based upon their needs.”

Principal Abraham strives to show others how to be empathetic and caring, “I think I set a good example, for how to communicate with others, how to have difficult conversations and do it in a way that’s respectful. I want to show students how to have soft skills, meaning how to communicate, being empathetic, and caring.”

My happiest experience so far here at Arlington was seeing all the students return.

— Shannon Abraham

Shannon Abraham grew up in Louisiana, along with his two kids, before coming to Tennessee.

Principal Abraham has been a Principal for 13 years, two of those being a Vice Principal. Before becoming a principal, he found passion in teaching science, wanting to share his knowledge with his students.

Principal Abraham has made a goal here at Arlington to ensure that all students are prepared for life outside of school. “My goal here at Arlington is to ensure that the students’ outcomes are what they hoped for, in terms of being prepared for college.” This directly correlates to the District’s new initiative of the  “Portrait of a Graduate,” where ACS has pledged to have students leaving with 5 core qualities.

“From high-quality academics, a wide variety of programs and athletics, extensive extracurricular activities and a vast offering of college-level courses, it is easy to see why Arlington is the place for any student.” Mr. Abraham wants everyone here to feel welcome and included. He strives to create a strong and impactful environment for all students.

Principal Abraham is most excited about getting to know the students as well as the staff. “Well the hardest part about leaving one school is leaving the people, I’m most excited to get to know the students as well as the staff I work with.”

While Mr. Abraham works on getting new Spirit Wear in navy blue and gold, he now proudly proclaims, “Go Tigers!”