AHS Teacher Jonathan Loyd Singing in Choir

Connor Creech and Noah Valencia

Jonathan Loyd is one of the Arlington High School football coaches here at AHS, but what many people don’t know about him is that he use to sing in a choir in middle and high school.
Today he still sings at his local church every Sunday service while balancing his teaching and coaching duties.
When he was a kid he played football and sang in his school choir and finding a balance was a difficult task, so it came time to make a choice. He loved football and loved playing every Friday night, but yet he loves singing at his school concerts and recitals. He went with football for a few reasons, but mostly because its not a real cool thing to sing in High School.
“You know singing in the choir wasn’t exactly the cool thing to do in school so I was always getting picked on,” says Coach Loyd.
Years later he decided to get back into it and start singing again, which has now got him more involved in his church by singing every Sunday service he can. With Sunday services he also teaches a lifetime wellness class throughout the week teaching students how to keep your body healthy. If that want enough he is one of the football coaches for AHS.
“The work load honestly not that much,… I get everything done for the school through the week and rehearse on the weekends for church.”-Coach Loyd
Now as a lifetime wellness teacher, singer, and football coach, no one will be picking on him anymore.