AHS Alumni Takes Flight in her Career

Hannah Harrison, Journalist

Growing up, AHS 2021 Graduate, Hailey Harrison has always been around planes, and has grown to find love in this field forever.

Her journey started during her senior year of high school when she flew her first discovery flight.”After that flight, I decided I wanted to get my private pilots license here in Memphis.” She then started school at MTSU, and has been flying there since. She is currently in her Sophomore year of college.

Her favorite thing about flying is the things she gets to experience along the way. Not like any normal student, Hailey could fly to multiple places on a random day. “I could be up in the air flying, and go to Knoxville or Sikeston, MO just on a Tuesday, and be back by dinner with all my friends.”

One of her favorite memories isn’t while she was flying, it was going to the Aviation International Conference in California.

“It was just so fun getting to meet so many new people and being able to travel with my fellow flight students.”

This was a surreal experience for her, and has made her love it even more.

Hailey has had multiple accomplishments in this career already. She plans on one day flying for commercial airlines. She will pressure her degree in aerospace in 2025. She has achieved multiple hours in this career, but she still has a long journey to go.