Arlington Fire Station #2


Addison Owen

The Town of Arlington opened Fire Station #2 at 12364 Donelson Road on October 29th, 2021.  The 13,000 sf, 4.7 million dollar structure was created by Allen and Hoshall Architects and constructed by ViktorHall Construction. This project took almost 24 months to finish.

Engine 72 and Brush Truck 72 respond from this station.  The station has the Department’s first classroom capable of seating 24 students.  This is the first time in our Town’s history where we are able to have two fully operational fire stations with all full time employees.

In Arlington’s rural sections, the fire department still responds to brush fires. Shelby County and the surrounding areas. After 22 years of use, the previous brush truck was destroyed in March 2020.  For this replacement, the apparatus committee created specifications.  It is a specially designed brush truck with a high lift suspension for accessing our rural farming areas and crossing highway medians and embankments.  This device cost $188,379 to purchase.  The pump’s capacity was expanded to accommodate 1 3/4″ hose lines.  It has lots of storage for our tools and equipment as well as an onboard foam tank.  T. Mottley said, “We are eager to use this new truck for several decades to come.”

The town of Arlington is very thankful for this station, due to the growth of the city.