AHS Alumni finds fame on TikTok

Cheney Aitken, Journalist

Many Americans watch and create content on the popular social media app “TikTok.” One Arlington High School Alumni, Piper Lee, went from posting videos to friends to a viral social media influencer in just a few short months.

Piper’s first rise of social media fame started during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.  “During quarantine me and my friends were really bored and didn’t really have much to do, that’s when we got the idea to start making fun TikTok videos, and my videos started blowing up from there.”

“Being popular on TikTok has made me have a lot of new connections”, Piper said as she spoke about the many brand deals and sponsorships that has been offered to her. She’s had dress, makeup and other branding deals on TikTok. The content and videos she creates are posted for her 1.6 million followers. Her followers continue to grow with each video she posts.

“If I were to give anyone advice, it would be to never let others get in the way of what makes you happy. There is always going to be haters out there, but never let it effect you,” Piper said after speaking about the positive things social media has done for her.


Follow Piper Lee on TikTok, @pipsavlee