7 Things to Know When Starting a Podcast

Sam Trigg, Instagram Manager

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? Make your self a behind the camera internet celebrity? If so, these are some tips for you that I wish I knew when I was starting a podcast!

7 Things to Know When Starting a Podcast

1. Make sure you know what you want to talk about.
Know what you want to talk about, because after you make your podcast about a subject its hard to switch to something else. If you want to talk about the economy, go ahead! It’s up to you !

2. Know your audience.
Understand who your audience is and know how to target them with your podcast. Know who you want to target with your podcast, age, gender, demographic, and race. Learn that and then find out how to appeal to other audiences.

3, Don’t skimp out of equipment.
You might think buying the cheaper equipment right now would be a better idea, but its not, because you will eventually have to buy more expensive equipment later. It’s better to bite the bullet now then later. There might be a $150 soundboard at the store, you might think that’s the one you need, but it would probably be smarter to save up and get the $350 soundboard because you can do so many more things with it in the long run.

4. Be yourself.
Always be yourself, remember its YOUR podcast not anyone else’s.

5. Trust your judgment.
If you think its a good idea to take your podcast in another direction remember its up to you! If you would like to talk about farming instead of animals like you thought you wanted to when you first started, change it if you want.

6. Bring in guests.It’s always fun to bring in guest to switch things up a little and give your audience a breath of fresh air. Bring in a friend, family member or local celebrity if possible.

7. Don’t be scared to be controversial.
You might think you should not talk about certain subjects, but that’s up to you! Think about this, if you get a lot of hate, a lot of people listened to your podcast! You might want to talk about politics but you’re scared what people will think, don’t worry about it.