Caroline Harrison


Dawson Stowman, Facebook Manager

Caroline Harrison, a new fourth grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at Arlington Elementary, has wanted to be a teacher since she was ten years old. She loves working with children and is so grateful that she has been given the opportunity to mold a student’s life, even if it is only in a small way. She decided to come to Arlington because she heard that it was a wonderful community and that its school district was unlike any other. Ms. Harrison was not mistaken! “I love teaching at Arlington! It’s like a family here. I’ve just felt so welcomed by everyone.” The kids love that she teaches at Arlington as well. When asked, all the students said they liked her a lot. Ms. Harrison’s students all say that she is very nice and they all love being in her class. Ms. Harrison’s advice to future aspiring teachers is to simply meet with other teachers. This way they can share ideas and learn from one another.