4 Ways to Manage Work and Stress

Jordan Culver, Asst. Editor in Chief

Handling school, work, and extracurricular activity can get a bit frustrating. Here’s some tips on how to get a grip on your busy schedule!

1. Make some time for relaxation.
It may seem weird that the first step to handle stress is to push it aside, but it’s actually very helpful. Don’t think of it as “not being productive,” by taking some time for yourself you’re really giving your mind and body time to refuel and settle down into a better mindset. Trying to work while your mind is in a frenzy won’t get you anywhere, so feel free to sit back and watch some TV or read a book. Take a few scheduled breaks or even hanging out with friends can work! Whatever it is, make sure it’s nothing like what’s stressing you out in the first place.

2. Clean and Organize your Work Space.
When you’re stressed about homework, cleaning your room or desk may not feel like a very important task. The visual clutter all around you while you’re trying to work can remind you of how much work you’ve got and discourage you. Getting organized will make it easier to quickly grab something if you need, and it will motivate you to work since you have already completed a task. Cleaning your room may also relax you!

3. Change the Way you Think About your Work.
If you change the way you view your work assignments, you’ll be able to complete them easier. Stressed about a math test? Try to think of it as homework in class since you’re doing the same equations over and over. If you convince yourself that you can’t do something, then you won’t. Try to find a new way to think of what you’re doing, simplify it!

4. Prioritize and Work on Time Management.
Thinking of the order that you complete your work in before beginning is vital. Begin with small and easy assignments that are due sooner, then work on big assignments that are due soon. You could section off bits of the large assignments between small assignments, or however you’d like to organize it. The more assignments you complete, and the closer you become to having no more assignments, the more motivated you will be!