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Winter Formal 2018

Cameron Davis, Staff

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Winter Formal 2018 was a thrilling expirience for students at Arlington High School. “Formal was so much fun, and I’m happy I decided to go!” Says Kaity Gallimore. Formal this year was held at the columns from 7pm to 11pm in Downtown Memphis. There was a DJ that played music, and there were so many kids there that had an amazing night. The formal had great reviews from students, and it was a great night to have fun. “I had a lot of fun at formal, my date and I thought it was a great time, and we definitely will be going next year” says Alexis Nichols.

Tickets for Arlington High School formal were sold in front of the cafeteria for $35. They had a background you could take photos in front of. Pictures at formal costed about $10. Winter Formal 2018 had great reviews, and many students said they would like to go again next year. “The atmosphere was nice, the music was good and everyone was just having an amazing time.” Says, Alexis Nichols. Many people were posting on their social media about how much of a good time they had, pictures and videos of them getting ready; it’s the high school event that students enjoy to attend.

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Winter Formal 2018