Jackson Beale



Alec McCreary, Staff

“About two weeks ago my friends and I went to a little river in Galloway. It was right before sunset and it was hot, so we decided to swim. We goofed around and hung out on a little sand island. No one else was there, it was perfect. As it got darker, we continued to swim because we had two flashlights. We were in knee deep water and had wandered out to the middle of the river. All of a sudden, we saw a snake swimming! My friend Noah was the only one who saw the snake because he had the flashlight. He began to yell at us to come back to shore. It turns out as we were running back, we were also running towards the snake. My friend Drew practically ran into it. When we got back onto the land, we finally saw the snake in the water. It swam away towards a tree branch, but then another snake came from the cornfield chasing it.  The snakes began fighting in the water and i wanted to help. I got back in the water, but then i decided it was a bad idea. I didn’t end up helping the snake. I think it was probably a Water Moccasin.”