Joe Welch


Alex Dinwiddie, Assistant Editor in Chief

“I guess it’s been 9 years ago I was the head football coach at another school. One of my best friends was the head coach here. I thought It was a great oppurtunity to come over and work with a good friend of mine. Arlington is a good school has great opportunities it just all kinda fell into place ever since. I had taught for about 10- 15 years and I had to get some hours to keep my teachers license so I took the classes and I figured I had to take a few classes might as well go ahead and get my degree. I got my masters in school administration. Then I was here coaching and teaching then we had some turnover and we became a new school district so there was some new opportunities here to move up and I thought I had been in a classroom for 19 years let me see if I can do something different. This is my 6th year as an assistant principal.”