Brandon Davis


Chandler Dunn, Staff

I’m Brandon Davis and this is the story about the time I almost did not get to see my favorite singer because of a tornado. It was last summer I went to Nashville. I was super excited to see Billie Eilish again and I made a new friend there. We were waiting we were talking. So we finally get in. I’m second like row, so really closes to the barricade. We’re all talking we’re all really excited but then someone was talking about how they heard it was supposed to rain or something. But then we get a red amber alert that comes on the big screen on Billie’s stage and it says, “Attention everyone needs to evacuate due to severe thunderstorm and flooding.” This guy comes on the stage and states, “ It’s not canceled. Just check for update. Check on our website and it might resume. It’s just temporary right now. But everyone needs to leave.” So everyone starts walking out. No one really wanted to leave but they were telling us to evacuate cause legally we cant be on their property for right now. We’re lead to this very small restaurant. Take note that there are thousands of people attending the concert so image how packed it was in that little restaurant. We go in there and people dining are confused, like why is there a bunch of random Billie Eilish fans coming into this restaurant? The tornado siren starts going off and everyone like oh crap. Like we’re freaking out. People were calling their parents because they didn’t know what to do none of us did, like are we going to get a refund? What going to happen? Everyone at this point thinks the show is canceled. We look outside and there’s signs blowing everywhere and like some tree branches blowing and we’re freaking out because we didn’t think it was a tornado at first. At this point my mom was far away at a mall in the suburb of Nashville and she hasn’t seen my texts yet so I’m over here stranded. Others don’t even have a place to go back to if the show is canceled. And some people went home because it was getting so bad. People are running trying to find shelter, it’s chaos. Eventually we get an update on Billie’s insta feed and she’s like, “Guys don’t worry, just hold it out for me cause I’m still gonna perform for y’all. We gotta get through this storm first.” Everyone was cheering gin unison after the update because we knew she was still gonna perform. Finally the security guards let us back in and I was able to get a front row spot in front of Billie’s stage. The concert ended up being amazing and I was so thankful to experience it with my friends. Long story short this storm/ tornado was the scariest and best thing I’ve ever experience. I never thought I would experience a near catastrophic tornado.