Alumni Spotlight- Jered Smith


Jordan Hill, Sports Director

Jered Smith attended AHS from freshman to senior year. He now attends Southwest Community College and majors in business. When asked about his experience at AHS, he described it as a mostly positive and learning experience. He said that he always looked forward to coming to school to be with his friends. “If i was having a bad day at home I could always look forward to coming to school to be with my friends.” Jered played on the football team all four years while at AHS. When asked about his favorite memory from high school he said, “being able to go out on Friday nights and play for the school was an awesome feeling. Being under the lights with everyone watching is a different feeling.” If he could do it all again he says he would’ve gotten more involved with things other than football. “Do as much as you can with the school, because 4 years goes by In the blink of an eye. And at the end of the day when it’s all said and done, your going to want to say you made the most of your high school days.” Jered is currently employed at Atc Fitness and working towards a business degree at Southwest Community College.