Alumni Spotlight- Nadja Rajak


Danny Rajak, Staff

Nadja Rajak graduated from Arlington High School in 2010. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from the University of Memphis and her major was Human Development and Learning. She is currently at Union University working on her Masters of Arts in Education with a focus in Early Elementary Education. She will be graduating from Union this upcoming December. “Honestly, there are so many memories from high school that I cherish. The first memory that always comes to mind is me and my best friend ordering pizza during lunch and having it delivered to the side door so we wouldn’t get caught.” Her advice for incoming freshmen is “Push yourself outside your comfort zone. This is a chance for new beginnings. Don’t hesitate to get to know your fellow classmates. Take chances. It will be worth it when you’re walking across that stage at graduation knowing you’re leaving no regrets behind you.”