Jaxon Hindman’s Story

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Alec McCreary, Staff

      In March of 2014, 6th grade Jaxon Hindman was playing in gym class when the unexpected happened. Jaxon attended Bon Lin Elementary School in Bartlett, TN. One day while playing a game similar to dodgeball, Jaxon was struck in the head with a ball that caused him to blackout. When he came back into reality, Jaxon visited the nurse. He felt better and decided he would try to continue his day. Upon entering the cafeteria, the lights and commotion caused his head to be in extreme pain. Jaxons mother checked him out of school and took him to their pediatrician in Cordova. Tests were run on Jaxon and he had to wait in the lobby for over 30 minutes for the results. His mom was called back and given the terrible news that Jaxon had cancer. Jaxon was only 12 at the time and didn’t fully understand what it was that was wrong with him.The very next day, Jaxon was in St. Jude. Fives days after that, Jaxon went through his surgery to remove the cancer from his body. He went through 4 rounds of chemotherapy and seven intense weeks of radiation. Jaxon has currently been in remission for the five past years.

In 2014 while Jaxon was in treatment, his parents and a few family friends got together to run the St. Jude Memphis marathon in his honor. This was the first year “Team Jaxon” ran the marathon. Jaxon was able to watch the race from the sidelines and he really wished he could be apart of it. The following year, Jaxon ran the 5k for St. Jude with his friends and family. In 2016 and 2017 Jaxon worked his way up to running the St. Jude half marathons. He enjoyed being able to run and raise money for St. Jude. In 2018, Jaxon decided to attempt to run the full St. Jude Marathon. Before he could begin his training, his doctors had to evaluate his physical state. He was given the green light to begin training. Jaxon completed his marathon in just over 6 hours, which was a great time for such a hot day. Jaxon is currently training for the St. Jude Marathon 2019 and he hopes to run a time of 5 hours and 40 minutes.