The Store Squirrel


Landon Zachry, Staff

Robert Wilson is the owner of the local clothing store located in the historic square in Arlington , S.Y. Wilson and Company. S.Y. Wilson has everything from mountain gear ,kayaks, MEMPOPS, and boutique. The store even has their own mascot Raylen, a Texas healer mix store dog. Raylen is also accompanied by a store cat that was rescued by Robert. You may think this is enough store pets bet there has been a new addition to the lineup.

A squirrel named Rocky. Rocky was stuck on a camera and was crying out one cold night and after a long day of working , Raylen brought Roberts attention to Rocky that was stuck up high. Robert climbed to get the squirrel and finally got him. He obviously tried to release it into the nearby field but the squirrel just wouldn’t leave. He was perched up on Robert’s neck nuzzling his face into him to thank him for saving him. Robert tried and tried but Rocky wouldn’t leave. So he brought him inside and gave him food and water and took him home.

Rocky has since been clinging to Robert hanging out on his shoulder and in his shirt pockets. A few days ago Rocky was lost. All the employees were sadden to have to close the store that night without finding Rocky. The very next morning something crazy happened. As the store was being opened Rocky was sitting by the front door! He was shaking from the cold and was eager to get inside. He ran inside and sat on the register were the employees fed him and gave him water. He was soon returned to Robert and everything was okay again. Rocky has since been doing okay and hasn’t tried to escape again and is there everyday , so come by and see all the store pets and Rocky the squirrel! I wonder what pet Robert will get next …