Alumni Spotlight – Haley Hill


Jordan Hill, Sports Director

Haley Hill attended Arlington High School all four years from 2013-2017. She now attends the University of Memphis as a junior in nursing school. Upon graduation, she plans to use her degree to do something she has always wanted to be since she was a little girl, a nurse. If everything goes as planned, she will be graduating in 2021 from the U of M. She has always been a tiger. “I have so many fun, embarrassing, and unforgettable memories from high school. One that sticks out in my mind is my senior trip. Me and my friends went to Orange beach on spring break. One of the nights, we all decided to go skinny dipping. It was all fun and games until the cops showed up and it was every man for themselves” but overall, Haley’s high school experience was great, and she said “Arlington High School prepares me for college and the real world.”

– Haley Hill

AHS Alumni