St. Jude Science Scholars of Tomorrow Symposium

Hannah Luu, Instagram Manager

Arlington High School students, Hayden Shipman and Kaitlyn Bruce, were just recently accepted into this year’s St. Jude Science Scholars of Tomorrow Symposium. These seniors were selected out of applicants from over 40 private and public schools in the Memphis area. For the symposium, the two students will go to St. Jude during school on March 4, 2020. They will tour the hospital and talk to science professors about their accomplishments. Hayden and Kaitlyn will also interact with the professors and doctors at the hospital.

When interviewed, both Hayden and Kaitlyn said that they were “very excited because this was very competitive,” and that it was “rare because two students from the same school are going to the symposium.” The two students had to write 3 essays to be accepted as an applicant and also had to have taken several science classes.

Congratulations Kaitlyn and Hayden on this amazing opportunity!