Madi Davis- Humans of Arlington



Ashlyn Clark, Facebook Manager

“I’ve been cheering for 14 years but just recently started cheering for Memphis pride in 2016 while also on the AHS Varsity Team. In 2018 I was performing at a national show night for the Memphis Pride team I was on. There was a huge crowd. The beginning of the routine I was set for the jumps to tumbling and in the second jump my ankle snapped. It was the very beginning so I had to finish the routine, including 9 more tumbling passes. I finished the routine, with the tumbling, but felt nauseous and fell at the end. My coach ran on the floor and carried me off after the music turned off. This was the show night before our most important competition so I knew I had to compete on a broken ankle. The doctor had told me it was a torn MCL and many torn ligaments with a shifted bone in my ankle. We left 3 days later for Orlando, FL and I ended up competing with an ankle brace.“


-Madi Davis AHS Varsity Cheer Member