Amanda Ortiz


Connor Gillespie, Staff

Many students that graduate from Arlington High School, attend colleges located here in Tennessee. Many pursue sports scholarships as well.  Amanda Ortiz, AHS Class of 2014, was one of those students.


“Since graduation, I got offered a scholarship to play soccer at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I spent all 4 years being a student athlete. It was one of the best decisions I made coming out of high school.”


Although many students choose to participate in college-level athletics, many are unprepared for the level of dedication that doing both sports and academics needs.


“The thing I miss most about high school is having that freedom. Yeah we had rules and curfews to follow but it was a different kind of freedom. The whole high school lifestyle seemed more free than the working one. I didn’t mind the studying after school but once you were done you had the rest of the day to hangout with friends. Today, consists of long days at work and just getting through the day.”


Arlington High School is one of the top schools in the state of Tennessee, but with the strong Academics here at AHS, comes the need to study and work hard.


“My advice for students going into college is that as a incoming freshman you just have to be willing to learn as you go. Go to class, study and work hard! Take advantage of the career centers, internships, programs they offer! Most importantly be yourself and experience life as a college student,” says Ortiz.


Ultimately the goal for college students is to enter the workforce and become top members in their chosen field. Amanda Ortiz has successfully made the transition to the workforce, and with that comes new challenges.


“My advice to transition from college to a job would be college doesn’t only prepare you for a job, rather it’s a preparation for life. A college diploma will open up new opportunities and will show you how to get there. As a college student, you should be building a professional network and meeting with the right people to land you that perfect job.”




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