HappiDog Animal Rescue

HappiDog Animal Rescue

Tyler Murgatroyd, Staff

Shelby County and the Town of Arlington has seen a recent increase in the number of cost and homeless dogs. And one Arlington Rescue is working to make a difference. Michele Murgatroyd is the founder of HappiDog Animal Rescue. “When I was a kid, I grew up with dogs and I’ve always had a heart for saving animals.”

Michele’s organization has saved a lot of dogs, and placed them into great homes.

“Many people living in the south view animals as property and not as family. This mentality creates a systemic problem and because of it, we have a strong need for animal rescue.  This is why I started rescuing dogs back in 2012.  My rescue has saved  over  2,600 dogs.”

Michele doesn’t do it by herself. It takes whole team of people to help and volunteer.  Her family, members of the community, fosters, and students from the HappiDog Animal Rescue Club at Briarcrest Christian High School, all help.

“I can not take the credit for our accomplishments.  It takes a village to do the work we do and I am blessed that our village is both strong and mighty.”

All of the dogs in the HappiDog Animal Rescue are fostered, meaning the rescue dogs live with families and not in cages. Socialization is important so that dogs can find their forever families. HappiDog specializes in finding the best fit possible for families and their dogs.

“Rescue is an expensive project”, says Murgatroyd. “We are always fundraising and looking for ways to save money. Many of the dogs we take in are ill or injured and expenses to treat these dogs run high.  Basic vetting, spay or neuter, and food for a healthy dog runs about $400. For a sick dog, it is considerably higher.

Murgatroyd loves what she does and loves her team.  She believes God has called her into this work and her family follows suit.  Like any ministry, this is a calling. Some are more drawn to animals. This is definitely the case with our family.

“It is my hope that there will come a day when animals will not need rescue. Until then, HappiDog will fight for the voiceless!”