Drill – Colin McCormack

Keith Judkins, Staff

  • Colin McCormack (Team Captain Role for Drill)
  • There is a new program called Drill at Arlington High School that has recently started. “Drill is the execution of certain movements by which individuals or units are moved in a uniform manner, from one formation to another”. Colin McCormack is a very passionate about this program. “As a captains role of the team I am in charge of all the training of the platoon. I make sure all the rifles are in use, and I also write all of the curriculum and drill routines”. It is currently a new program so the haven’t moved to actually competitions yet. “We haven’t had any events that point specifically toward drill team because we are still such a new program, however we are already looking at next years routine”. They would like to preform at many other outside events like pep rallies or community events. The armed drill team has cadets using rifles to preform regulation drill, which is very by the book. Exhibition, which is something they also do, is a made up flashy style of drill. Colin McCormick states have an Unofficial leadership position in my class platoon. In the long run, his mission is to get them competition ready and eventually turn them into an Honor Guard. The second semester is when the team began its first practices, and they have been working as an extracurricular activity of JORTC ever since then.