Ruth Luong


Bailey Daugherty, Journalist

Ruth Luong loves seeing her students’ growth from the beginning of the year to the end. She is a new 3rd grade teacher at Arlington Elementary School! Prior to teaching at Arlington, She was a 2nd grade teacher at Kingsbury Elementary School. She earned her degree at Tennessee Technological University


“My favorite thing about teaching is when my students tell me they don’t want to go home because they say school is fun,” said Luong. She really wants her students to learn and grow from her teaching. “My teaching style is very fun and engaging. I want to make the subjects appealing to my students so they want to learn about them,” said Luong.


Teaching this year has changed tremendously since the last time we were in school. Covid-19 has made some obstacles for our teachers to hurtle, but they have done a great job so far! Ms. Luong specially has had to change some things she used to love to do with her classes. “I love when they work as a team at their tables, but now they are socially distancing so it is more challenging for me to incorporate group work. Other than that, everything else is the same except with a mask on!”


Not everything about teaching is fun, and all teachers have something they dislike about school just like students do . “ I dislike the pressure of testing and the paperwork that goes behind teaching,” said Luong. Taking test is stressful for everyone in the classroom, not just the students.


Ms. Luong did not always plan to be a teacher when deciding her major for college. “Originally, I was a nursing major and went through nursing school for a little bit before I changed to education,” said Luong.


Some advice for my students is that I ask you try to do your best in everything you do”

— Ruth Luong

,” said Luong. She really has a love for teaching and Arlington Elementary is lucky to welcome her to their teaching staff!