Michael Wiles


Leanna Henson, Journalist

Michael Wiles enjoys watching young adults grow and learn from his class. He is a new Army JROTC teacher at Arlington High School who began teaching this year. His class covers grades 9-12. His credentials that he states are,

“I obtained my degree from American Military University, but attended several community colleges before online learning really existed.”

Wiles discusses that he enjoys the environment at Arlington. He says that he dislikes having to tell a parent their child is not doing well in his class. Wiles also gave his reasons why he wanted to pursue this subject.

“JROTC teaches material that I have a passion for specifically U.S. History, U.S. Military History, and Civics, and you couple this with the life skills it provides that will make you successful both in school and business. The subject allows for me to make an impact on students life in a hopefully positive way.”

Wiles agrees that COVID-19 has had an significant influence on the JROTC program. With the collaboration put into play in the program, it is very difficult to do curriculums with the new COVID-19 rules and guidelines.

“COVID-19 has a major impact on the current way that JROTC is taught, and it specifically hinders the ability for the students to work in groups, or do some of the co-curricular activities that enhance learning.”