McKinzie Kivelle


Mason Golden, Sports journalist

Even with a challenging start back to school year, new Donelson Elementary school teacher Ms. McKinzie Kivelle has pushed through. This is is her very first year teaching on her own after getting her teaching degree at the university of Memphis. She teaches all subjects in the fourth grade. 

Ms. Kivelle wants to spread her love of learning with young minds, and hopefully they will learn to love school as much as her. She has a “group” based style of teaching, although due to COVID-19 students are not allowed to work very closely. This does not hold back. Her teaching style she still allows students to safely interact and discuss with each other to learn from one another.

“I motivate my students by keeping my lessons engaging and interactive. I fill my lessons with interactive activities and discussion opportunities to keep my students motivated and engaged.

My students are also motivated by my classroom management technique. In my classroom, the students are divided into groups and are awarded points throughout the day for exceptional work, outstanding answers, excellent behavior, etc. They are also able to have points deducted for misbehavior. When the students reach a certain amount of points as a group, they are able to get a reward. This strategy motivates my students to remain engaged and on-task as well as increased class participation and encourages good behavior.” She like to stay in touch with parents as well, although; she prefers to communicate through email she will also call if needed. 

Ms. Kivelle said she loves DES. She was a student teacher at Donelson. She then knew that DES is the place she wanted to work due to the “amazing teachers and administration at the school. Everyone I have met at DES is so encouraging and supportive and it feels like family.“ her favorite part about teaching is the joy that her students bring to her every day. The most rewarding thing about teaching to her is having the opportunity to impact the future of one of her students. “It is also rewarding for everyday to be new and exciting. Being a teacher, every day is a new day and a fresh start. It is exciting to see what each day will hold.” 

the quote that is helping her get through the year is ‘“I give thanks to Christ Jesus our Lord who has strengthened me, because he considered me faithful, appointing me to the ministry.” 1 Timothy 1 : 12.’” She has really started to Integrate this year she says “ Almost everything we do involves technology, from presentations, to educational videos, to assignments. One of the biggest ways we use technology in the classroom is through Seesaw. Students use the Seesaw app on their iPads to complete interactive activities.I think using technology in the classroom helps the students remain engaged in the lesson and can be very helpful in many ways.”