Caroline Newcome


Erin Salas, journalist

ACS has added new teachers for the 2020-2021 school year. Ms. Caroline Newcome is one of the newest kindergarten teachers at Donelson. I’ve asked her a few question regarding her and her new job at Donelson. Ms. Newcome reason for coming to Arlington was because she “wanted to be closer to her family and that she loves Arlington.” She has been teaching for 2 years now. She previously taught at John Coleman Elementary in Smyrna, Tennessee. Newcome got her degrees at Middle Tennessee State university. “My degree is in interdisciplinary studies for grade K-5”. She says she’s enjoys “reading and hiking”. We asked Newcome for advice to give to seniors and her response was “collage can fly by a lot faster than you think. I would try to really enjoy it. It is extremely important to learn how to balance your schedule early on. You want to be attentive to you’re studies, but you will also need time to relax and have fun”.